Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Play Time

Currently, one of Naomi's favorite things to do is empty her toy basket and sit or stand in it. Of course it's very cute! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Our Vacation

Well we're back from our family vacation to Moab, UT. We went to 4x4 and see the National Parks. I didn't realize how beautiful Utah is. Before we visited, when someone would mention Utah I would think: Mormons and lots of salt, but Southern Utah is so much more! We went to 2 National Parks and 1 State Park (links in posts below). But there are 3 more Nat'l Parks and 2 Nat'l Monuments in the area! If you're into God's Creation and Natural Beauty Southern Utah is the place to visit.

Naomi was as pleasant as always and enjoyed seeing the parks from Steve's back (see picture below). One thousand miles in the truck, each way, would do most 10 month olds in, but she is such a trouper! While there she said hi for the first time on 9/6, although it sound more like "haa." She says it while waving so we know that's what she's trying to say. She also signed "more" and while eating lunch w/Aunt Stephanie, Leah & Josh on Thursday 9/8.

When we got home Sunday evening she was so excited. She was crawling all over the house and pulling up on everything. Then while Steve and I were in the office looking at our pictures she came to the baby gate and stood up. We heard her clapping and realized she let go of the gate and was balancing on her own 2 feet. Oh boy! It won't be long till she's trying to take a step or two.

Arches National Park, UT

The Family! Posted by Picasa

Naomi & Tricia at Devil's Garden. Posted by Picasa

The Delicate Arch. Posted by Picasa

Canyonlands National Park, UT

Steve & Tricia at the Grand View Point Overlook in Island in the Sky District. Posted by Picasa

Naomi & Steve at Upheaval Dome. Posted by Picasa

Deadhorse Point State Park, UT

The Watsons, MacAdams, & Watson Sr.s at Deadhorse Point State Park, UT Posted by Picasa