Sunday, July 31, 2011


What can I say... it's half way through August and I'm just blogging about July! Life is full, full, full! July was lots of fun and started off with a visit from Nana & Papa Tex (my Mom & her husband). We celebrated Steve's birthday and got to see the MacAdams when Leah played a softball tournament in town. Then we had two weeks of swim lessons and an awesome visit from the Shinns. Hopefully it was the first annual trip :-) The last week was spent wiping noses and administering acetaminophen. Here's a few of my favorite pictures!

It's hard to believe Daniel's 9 months old! He is becoming a fast crawler, pulls up on any thing and every thing, waves hi, gives "5," and loves to eat! This is his first time  wearing shoes and using them. 
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