Saturday, January 19, 2013

Reedley Time!

My mom, Carola, and her cowpokes, Isaak, Daniel, Luke, Koen, Ava & Naomi.

Great Grandma Ardis, my maternal grandma, with all her great grandkids. Naomi, Giella, Luke, Ava, Koen, Isaak, Daniel, & Sadie. Bonus kid: my cousin Cody on the left.

Luke's killing me with cowboy cuteness!!!!

We had a lovely time with our family in Reedley this weekend. I wish I was better about getting pictures! My mom and my dad's families all live in the area (for the most part) so we have lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. to have fun with! It's a huge blessing to feel so loved by so many!
We got to hug Susan, Grandma Ardis, Doug, Jill (& baby girl due soon!), Koen, Isaak, Mom, Tex, Uncle Danny, Aunt Margaret, Shawna, Giella, Micah, Amy, Sadie, Uncle Mark, Aunt Julie, Uncle David, Aunt Toni, Cody, Breann, Janel, Aunt Mary, Uncle Brad, Andrew, Lisa, Liam, Clara, Mike, Amy, Brian, Sarah, Aunt Lois, Holly, and Bryan & Ryan.
And a few were down for the count with the flu bug: we miss you Garcias!

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Grandma Koehler said...

Your "cowboys" sure look like they are having a ball with all of their family.