Friday, March 18, 2011

Walking with the Wise

This is our new favorite new "CDs." It has a great beats and even better words! Plus, it was downloadable from the Sovereign Grace Music website, with the accompaniment tracks!  Why would I need accompaniments, you may ask? Well, I need them for the girls choir I'm leading at church. This should be a fun little adventure that culminates May 7 & 8 when the girls will sing at the Ladies Luncheon and at church the next day. Please pray for me as I plan and lead!

Highlights of my Day (and it's only 9 AM!)

  1. Daniel only woke once in the night. This is a first, but hopefully not a last! The silly part is that I'm so used to waking that I didn't sleep well! Ugh!
  2. I ran into the bathroom expecting to find a disaster of the nastiest kind after hearing Luke holler, "I went poo poo!" To my amazement he was on the toilet ready to be wiped. All the nastiness was where it belonged in the toilet. This is a milestone only a mother could love! Disclaimer: he's been wearing underpants when we're at home, since Saturday, but I've done lots of cleaning (if you know what I mean).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cooking with Ava

Ava and I made chicken potpies for dinner. I made a double batch so we made individual pies in jars and I froze the rest for another dinner. Ava had fun stirring the pie ingredients and scooping them into the jars (a handy substitute for ramekins) and REALLY liked crimping the pie crust onto the jars. Our little girl is a big helper and was so proud to tell daddy she made dinner :-)