Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 18

The house and the ham bones
Things are going well on our addition! Bill, Chad and Billy are very efficient and after our double disaster the first weekend (lets just say Steve was thinking of changing his name to Noah), we're on a role! The part you can’t see is the shed pad that was poured out by the chicken coup. It was fun to walk through the addition with the rooms chalked out. The kids are standing on the patio, in front of the living room, to left along our current house is the L shaped hallway that leads to Steve's office (in the middle), bedroom far left next to the house) and our master bedroom & bathroom (see the plumbing sticking out?). Hooray!
Tuesday the trusses will be here!


Susan said...

I love Luke's face!!

Tricia said...

me too! I like to call it "super cheese"