Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aunt Susan's House

My sis Susan has been hard at work renovating her first home. It looks marvelous! We were glad to celebrate her hard work and play with cousins!
1. Luke & Janel
2. Ava keeping Ellyce and Janel entertained while Breann watches Susan open gifts
3. Our favorite warrior king and his princess and queen!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Luke, 15 Months

What should I say about this fabulous energetic son?
  • He drools constantly. Poor guy has mutiple molars and canines coming in at the same time.
  • His vocabulary is increasing everyday. So far we've heard dada, ma, Na "Naomi", A "Ava", kitty, hi, bye bye, mo "more", but his favorite by a land slide is ba "ball."
  • He LOVES his sissys, but likes their hair a little too much
  • He's happy 99% of the time, but is going thru the "I cry when my mom leaves me" stage.
  • Last night he heard the garage door openning and his face lit up as he said, "Da!"

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The most fabulous MIL and a wonderful Grandma too!

A big THANK YOU to Grandpa Koehler for sharing Grandma with us for three whole weeks! We might send her back tomorrow, maybe!
This picture is of Steve's mom Carol and all her grandkids! We're already missing her!