Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ava's Big Girl Bed

June 11 we started the transition from Mommy's baby girl to big sister status with the bed! Ava is so excited to be in the room with "Sissy." Let me just say she doesn't look this happy when it's time for bed. My easy sleeper is now foot loose and fancy free when she should be sleeping. This makes mommy tired, but what's a mommy to do? We also took away the pacifier last week because she's got a rash on her cheek that won't go away. Yes, I'm pretty sure we're crazy for doing two major transitions with in a week of each other and during VBS. At least I feel a little on the crazy side.

Here's the only scenario that leads to an easy bedtime thus far: girls take no naps (not for lack of Mommy trying) then Ava falls asleep in her highchair & dinner and I take her to bed. Big sister follows exhausted. If you have any tips or suggestions for siblings sleeping together PLEASE let me know.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

He got me again

This story begins in March when Naomi saw the play set at Costco and said, "Mommy I want one!"

Her clever mommy said, "You'll have to talk to daddy because that's his department." But the mommy asked the daddy about getting a play set and the daddy made a comment about just making his own. The mommy didn't really get her hopes up. Then the family went to Costco and while the mommy got necessary stuff the daddy lingered by the play set with the girls.

Once again Naomi said, "Daddy I want that."

The daddy, being the clever guy that he is, asked her, "Do you need it or do you want it?"

To his surprise she said, "I want it."

The next Sunday, after Sunday School, Church, and a potluck the daddy wanted to go by Costco and look at the play set again. The mommy objected in favor of naps for the girls (and her pregnant self), so the daddy headed off to Costco with a friend. The mommy got home, put the girls to bed, read the paper, took a nap and thought, "Are Steve and Marton still at Costco?!"

To the mommy's shock and joy the daddy came home and said he bought the play set. The mommy didn't believe him and the friend just laughed. So the mommy went outside and what did she find in the friends truck but 6 huge boxes and a big blue slide. That daddy sure did surprise that mommy, who mistakenly thought they may have a play set by 2020.

All that to say that this weekend Steve, Marton, Donny, Grandpa Watson and Paul all worked very hard and the girls are thrilled to have a wonderful place to play in their very own backyard. Better pictures to follow!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Amazon Expedition

We had a great week with the Monkeys at Vacation Bible School. The 2-3 year olds were real troopers for their pregnant teacher! Plus, I had 2 fabulous helpers, Briana and Angel, who jumped in and helped a TON. Don't we look ready to build an ark?! We learned about the 7 Cs: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, the Cross and the Consummation. Can you guess which Bible story goes with each "C"?
It was fun to watch Naomi being such a big girl doing the motions to songs and getting excited about the missionary offering. We had a great week with our church family!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Just Peachy!

I canned peaches for the first time this morning! I'm feely very domestic and tired, but excited that we'll get to enjoy our peaches all year instead of just this month. Hooray for peaches!