Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ava's Big Girl Bed

June 11 we started the transition from Mommy's baby girl to big sister status with the bed! Ava is so excited to be in the room with "Sissy." Let me just say she doesn't look this happy when it's time for bed. My easy sleeper is now foot loose and fancy free when she should be sleeping. This makes mommy tired, but what's a mommy to do? We also took away the pacifier last week because she's got a rash on her cheek that won't go away. Yes, I'm pretty sure we're crazy for doing two major transitions with in a week of each other and during VBS. At least I feel a little on the crazy side.

Here's the only scenario that leads to an easy bedtime thus far: girls take no naps (not for lack of Mommy trying) then Ava falls asleep in her highchair & dinner and I take her to bed. Big sister follows exhausted. If you have any tips or suggestions for siblings sleeping together PLEASE let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on the room sharing. No mom has found a successful 'trick'. It's just 'go for it'. There'll be lots of calls for 'you gals settle down in there' but in the end they'll be great friends.
Love, Grandma Ardis