Sunday, May 22, 2005

Me & My Nana

Nana & Papa Tex are here to play with Naomi for a few days. They went for a walk around the neighborhood and had a great time yesterday.

Nana got as far as painting one little toenail bright pink before church this morning, but she was interrupted by stinky pants. Thankfully she rescued Naomi from that smell. All this before Steve and I were even out of bed!Later, I got Naomi ready for church. As you can see in this picture, she was cutsied up in a designer dress from Chile, courtesy of Uncle Doug & Aunt Jill. Boy, it's fun having a girl! Posted by Hello

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Nana Carola said...

Nana & Papa Tex had a wonderful time visited Naomi and her mommy & daddy! What a wonderful baby she is! She is such a good baby and so fun to play with. She is so much like her mommy was as a baby. And she looks like her too! Brings back a lot of wonderful memories. With our visit she had her first taste of Potato salad and Beans. She loves the beans. That's the Pharis coming through!!