Friday, June 17, 2005

Naomi's 1st Bike Ride

Daddy & Naomi went on their first bike ride together June 2nd. She definitely enjoyed the wind through her hair and being able to see everything go by. She loves to be outside watching the birds fly and the wind blow through the leaves. Oh, and check out those teeth by clicking on the top picture, but watch out, they're sharp!Posted by Hello


Andrew & Lisa said...

Is she crawling yet?

Tricia said...

Not yet... I'm starting to wonder if she will even by Steve's Birthday. Oh well, I'm not in any hurry because I know it's going to rock my world when she does get mobile!

Mike said...

hey steve it looks like you are putting your bike to good use!! well i will have to come up some weekend so we can go riding.

Anonymous said...

Mike, come on up anytime!

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