Sunday, July 10, 2005

Crawling? When?

So I was a little eager in thinking that Naomi would be tearing it up by my birthday or at least Steve's. But alas, both have passed and she's still pushing herself into corners and rolling around. I keep thinking that it will happen any day because she gets so frustrated at her lack of mobility... but who knows... she may forgo crawling and just get up and walk away.

She is waving "hi" and clapping which is very very cute but difficult to get an accurate picture of. Maybe Andrew has some tips on how to capture the wave. The not-so-cute thing she learned to do is scream. It's that high pitched shrill sort of howl that could wake the dead but right now she just tortures me.

Pictures of Naomi's first camping trip are coming soon!


Andrew said...

I look forward to taking the 'waving challenge'! :-) It'll be fun to have such a cute subject as Naomi Rose. I even think it may be possible to capture her clapping in some fun and creative ways. We'll see.
Take care,

Nana Carola said...

Well I could make a suggestion . . . . just come to Reedley and we can see her in person AND I could try to capture her waving!! Ha ha!

Well she may just get up and walk. Her mama was walking by 10 mths!!