Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Eighth Month Update

It's hard to believe Ava's already 8 months old. It's sad in a way because my baby is not so babyish anymore. She loves to eat cheerios, sweet potatoes and acts very proud after drinking from the sippy cup all by herself! Her second tooth popped through 4/2 and her top front teeth make big white spots on her gums as they descend. That doesn't seem to phase her. She's happy as a clam most of the time and LOUD. Seriously ear piercing loud! (I don't know where she gets it from!) Ava loves to sit next to her toy basket and chew on toys a bang them together. In the last day or so she flops herself on to her stomach an does the land swim. She is a blessing and delight and we're so thankful that God has allowed us to raise and love her!

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