Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What I learned from Vacation Bible School and everything else that happened last month

Wow, I guess it's been a while since I blogged! So here the recap of my full month: plan VBS, turn 30, Ava's 10 months old, celebrate Father's Day, execute VBS, host Nana & Papa Tex, & leave for Hume Lake. All of these were fun and went great but VBS brought out a new realization to me: how thankful I am that my primary occupation is being the chief home officer of our family! I felt like all I did was attend to basic needs: eat, sleep, wiping booties... and didn't have a chance to be with my kids and know them. Thankfully it was only one week! It definitely makes me more mindful of my friends who have a primary occupation other than motherhood. My prayer is that God would change the hearts and situations of those who have or are preparing for children. That he would provide the means and discipline to allow moms to invest solely and soully in their children and husband. Okay, so now I'll get off my soapbox.
PS Thank you Cody, Janel, & Breann for the new playhouse!

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