Friday, August 10, 2007

Ava's First Birthday

Ava is a sweet and spunky little one year old! She's crawling and walks behind toys or holding onto someone's hands. Her vocabulary includes dada, mama, nunu (naomi), bu-bye, tay too (thank you), ba (ball), baba (bottle), ha (hi), oh boy, & wow, but she understand a whole lot more! When asked she'll also tell you what a chicken, dog or kitty sounds like. She enjoys plums, peaches, pluots, beans, and squash. Thankfully she eats almost everything I put in front of her, but I have to be careful because she'll shove it all in at the same time! Her favorite pastimes are following her sister around, chewing on books after she's pulled them off the shelves, and pushing the grocery cart around the house. She's also very proud that she can climb up into the plush tigger chair all by herself. Steve & I are blessed to have her as our daughter and treasure these moments that are going by at lightspeed!

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