Monday, April 21, 2008

The Beavers come to CA!

We were so pleased to have our long time friends Dan & AnnMarie Beaver visit from Texas. They gave up time on the prairie to spend it with us! We had a wonderful time seeing the Redding sites, making cinnamon rolls and eating way to many Beavercakes and bread! Thanks to Dan, Ava definitely knows her name now. He would ask her, "Are you Buckwheat?" and by the end of the week she would give him a look and say, "No, I'm Ava!" We are sure wishing the prairie was closer!

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Dan said...

And I still say Ava is Buckwheat..;-) Naomi does a great job behind the camera. I think every picture she took with our camera is centered and in focus. I can't even consistently do that!

We sure had a great visit. The girls are precious. We started missing you all as soon as we walked into the airport. After we checked in and were going up the escalator, I saw AnnMarie had a long face. So I asked her, "Where's your happy face?" She immediately responded with Ava's happy face and outstretched arms. You guys have to get that on video, it's hilarious. America's Funniest Home Videos might be interested in that one. Hey, you could win the jackpot and pay for the house addition!

We love you all.

- djb