Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ava's New Skills

(This is what Steve saw when he walked past the bathroom. Then he ran to get the camera!)

  1. Pulling down her panties

  2. Sitting on the potty long enough to get her business done (the book helps!)

  3. Pulling her panties back up

Skills to work on:

  1. Wiping
  2. Wearing more than panties

Yep, we're on a potty training adventure!


Mike said...

This picture is awesome with Ava reading the book. She is learning exactly what you do on the throne!

Carola said...

Nana is so proud of Ava learning so fast. She is so smart! Of course! Miss you so much!

Anonymous said...

Trish, your blogs are just the best!! Special thanks to Steve for being on the ball with his camera and catching Ava (she'll hate him when she's 16 and a boy friend sees this one!) but it's just a great one. Reminds me of the ones your mom had framed in her bathroom when you guys were growing up, remember? Give you any ideas?
I just love your blogs so please keep them coming--they really make my day (and week too) I so appreciate your taking the time to do them--I know you must be busy.
Love, Grandma Ardis

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