Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eek! I've been tagged!

My fellow pregnant girlfriend Megan has tagged me for 6 fascinating facts about myself. So, since my first fascinating fact is

1. I am a nerd. I looked "fascinating" up to get some ideas because fascinating is an intimidating word when I think of using it for myself. Things that are charming, attractive, or interesting about me?! Hmmm....

2. I can't spell. You would think that since I'm a nerd at heart who loves to read that I could spell. Nope. I spelled facinating wrong every time! Spell check is a mercy for me and for you the reader!

3. I've been enjoying remembering how to sew on the great sewing machine my Mom & Tex got me for my birthday. Hopefully Megan will enjoy the outcome too!

4. I love beans. Especially black beans, but really beans cooked any which way. (fascinating, huh?!)

5. I am thoroughly entertained by my kids. Naomi just informed me that she shared her candy with her Daddy. "I gave him two pieces because he's the Daddy-o." Thanks for the smile Naomi!

6. One thing that continues to amaze me is God's grace to bless us with not one but three children. I do not deserve such wonderful gifts but I am thankful for them. I will continue to pray that in the same way He did for Hannah (1Samuel 1), He will open the wombs of my precious friends who would love to raise children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.


Megan Bonnin said...

I really enjoyed the fruits of your sewing efforts! Thanks for taking the "tag" challenge

Carola said...

It makes me proud that you love beans. Cuz I love beans too!!!
It must run in the family because your Grandpa Chet loved them too.