Friday, February 06, 2009

Daddy Date

Steve & Naomi went on their second "Daddy Date" to see Narnia, a play put on by Redding School of the Arts. It is fun to see Naomi excited to get dressed up and be with her daddy. Steve said they had a great time watching "Aslion" (Naomi & Ava's version of Aslan) and the White Witch. Naomi held Steve's hand wherever they walked and talked his ear off. Now Ava's looking forward to her very own "Daddy Dates" while Momma stays home and prays for wonderful husbands for her girls... just like daddy.


Carola said...

Naomi is looking so grown up. How wonderful that Steve is taking her on a date. You will never regret that! Such precious memories!

Dan said...

Daddy needs a shave!
- djb