Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Naomi and her phonics tool box all decorated and ready to be filled with tools!

Naomi is so excited to finally be in Kindergarten! Its only been 11 days, but she'll tell you that she's a "mathematician" and a "diligent worker." Its amazing to watch her learn! Already she's writing the entire alphabet in lowercase and knows all the single letter sounds. She might even sing, "q is always written qu," if asked. Today we started learning our power tools (sound that have 2 or more letters like ir, er, ur, or, ear). Keep in mind that Luke's usually napping though a good portion of this and Ava does Circle Time with us and then has her own preschool activities to do till she's ready for free play. Here's what a typical day (2.5 hours) looks like:
Circle Time
~pray for missionaries & elders, etc
-recite memory verse
-recite our address or a phone # (home or daddy's)
-yesterday was ____, today is ____
-days of the week
Weather Graph
-she checks outside and fills in a box on her graph
Phonics Road
-memorizing 3-4 new sounds by writing and dictation
Saxon Math 1
-count to 100
-teaching time using manipulatives
-2 sided worksheet each day
Story Time
-I'm reading Storytime with the Miller's, a great little book that teaches Godly traits through the characters' adventures.
-once or twice a week we do a quick art lesson from Art with a Purpose, but mostly Naomi likes to create on her own, which is great.
Naomi also learned to ride her 2 wheel bike with Daddy. I'm deeming it P.E. :-) There's a great little video here.


Jenny said...

How did you create your title thing for your blog? That is so cool!!!

susan holman said...

Awesome! You must be homeschooling. I taught kinder a few yrs ago and there is no way I could get 20 kids through all that in 2.5 hours. AND they would still be learning the letter sounds right now (and nowhere near writing them). Way to go Naomi (and Mama).

Sarah Pedersen said...

Love the new look blog! Did you do your own template? Takes so long to do these things. Are you homeschooling? I've lost track of how many of my friends (& family) are doing this now. Good luck!

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