Monday, May 31, 2010


Our month started out with a visit from my Mom, Tex and Marty (their new dog), who were on their way North. The kids had lots of fun walking, fishing and playing with them! We're glad we got to be the first stop!
  Luke was sick on Mother's Day so the 2 of us stayed home, but Steve didn't forget. He brought me home these beautiful roses and our friends brought a feast! It was a great day!
That day was topped when we saw this:
A healthy 17 week old, due in October! A few days later I found Ava with her own baby brewing :-) Let's just say everyone is excited!


It has been unseasonably cold but that hasn't stopped the kids from enjoying the backyard. Plus, our month was topped off with a visit from my favorite sister and a family barbeque. So many blessings!

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