Friday, April 30, 2010

Our April

Luke is 17 months and loves to wear Steve's hat. I call him "Little Daddy" and he gives me a huge smile!
I was trying to get a pic of the kids when they were all sitting with Steve, but Luke wouldn't cooperate so Ava and Steve decided to "cry" with him.
  Can't say I ever saw one of the girls "driving" a truck on the wall. This screams "boy child" to me.
Steve and I have been talking about getting Ava a 2 wheeled bike. You can see the joy on her face when we gave her the one we found on good ol' CraigsList. She was elated! At least a dozen times she said "Thank you, Daddy and Mommy!" Sheer gratitude! Now she can try to keep up with her sister!
We also got 4 new Red Producer chicks, which the kids LOVE! April has been a great month!

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