Thursday, October 04, 2012

Coleman Fish Hatchery

A few of the kids with a very LARGE Salmon

Miss Aleta (with the baseball cap) was our lovely guide

Naomi, Ava, & Conner touching the new salmon eggs
Hands-on science was a blast at Coleman Fish Hatchery!  A friend invited us and we were so blessed to see one of God's amazing creations in action: the salmon. Here's what I wrote to Grandma Ardis about the day:

Today we went to the Coleman national fish hatchery in Anderson (20 min south). The fall run of salmon has begun. Naomi was interested in their entire operation; she even took a video. Daniel insisted on keeping up with the big kids and would only go in the stroller when I forced him to. They all loved the fish jumping upstream. What an amazing sight of one of God's special creatures. Although I think Ava was more excited about being with her friend Corrin. :-)smile Naomi carried her own purse the entire time!

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