Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Rest of July

So I've been slacking a bit... here's what we were up to the last couple weeks of July:

Swim Lessons

I learned that you get what you pay for when it comes to swimming, and after 2 weeks we have a confident little fish instead of the scared crying girl we started with! We are so proud of Naomi and thankful for her new found skill! Of course, Ava thinks she knows how to swim after watching Naomi's lessons for 2 weeks. She's a bit too brave!


We've been blessed with more produce than we imagined. Steve definitely gets the Super Green thumb Award because without him I'd have a bunch of half dead plants and not veggies!

Steve ended his umteenth year on a church softball team. Cow Creek finished third and the guys had a good time playing together. The girls and I had a great time cheering them on and visiting with our friends. This is what I call great family fun!

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Anonymous said...

What a gardener Steve is--Grandpa Chet would have been so.. . . proud. He to loved to produce a lot of super produce --ask your mom.
Love, Grandma Ardis