Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Only forty minutes from our home is the most amazing park and last Sunday we got to enjoy it after church!
The kids: Kimberly, Naomi, Ava, Luke, & Jacob
It was truly a holy outing, we had ice cream!
The Adventure Crew at Lake Helen: Kim, Tricia, Steve, Luke, Steve, Marton, Ava, Jacob, Naomi & Pam
Yes, that's a chicken leg snack.
At the Sulphur Works
Yes, it really does smell that bad!
Cousin Love at the Kings Creek overlook
Shamefully this is the first time we've taken our family to the park, since there's been more than two of us. The overwhelming consensus is that we're going back, soon!

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Sarah Pedersen said...

Awsome! I remember you took Nellie & I there when we visited ages ago.