Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hume Lake 2011, Part 3

The boys were mesmerized by Steve chopping wood!

Daniel, 10 months; Luke, 2.75 years

We had a great visit with Grandma Ardis!

Grandma & Daniel swinging on the front porch

The girls jumping into Pharis Beach, our "private oasis." Here's the video!

Our Oasis :-)

Us with Grandma. First, third and fourth generation of Pharis cabin lovers!

A picture of the cabin and grounds around the cabin, nicely raked, at least when we left.
Naomi in Hume Lake, brrr!

That was as far as Luke would get in

Both Ava and Luke wore their goggle to protect from the gusty wind

The classic picture by the cabin. Yay!

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