Monday, September 10, 2012

Fresh Start: Bidwell Road School

Ava, Tricia, Daniel, Luke Naomi & Rascal. Boo stuck with his name and hid during pictures.

Naomi, Third Grade

Ava, First Grade
We officially started school today! On my whiteboard I wrote:
September 10, 2012
Naomi Rose - 3rd grade
Ava Leanne - 1st grade
Luke Wesley - Preschool
Daniel Cole - In training

So here's the breakdown for 2012-13:
Everyone: Family Learning Time based on Kendra's helpful little book and circle time concept. I'm using Coriell's A Child's Book of Character Building Book 1. Our character trait for today is being ATTENTIVE with our eyes, ears, and hearts. I also include prayer, singing, later will add Scripture memory.
Girls: Listening to history with Story of the World Volume 1, plus additional work based on age. They also participate in Gymnastics and Xpress Choir.
Naomi: The Phonics Road to Reading and Writing, Level 3, Teaching Textbooks Math 4, Math fact practice at XtraMath.
Ava: Half way through The Phonics Road to Reading and Writing, Level 1 and Saxon Math 2.
Luke: Kumon workbooks, lots of play, puzzles, etc.

May the Lord bless our efforts with knowledge and wisdom!

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