Monday, September 10, 2012

Our baby girl had a birthday last month!

A little Ava vinyette on the mantle

Nana helped Ava make her Strawberry Cake

Rachel, Marty Dog, Ava & Rylin

Grandpa and Papa sing along while the birthday girl listens.

Ava shares her birthday with cousin Olivia.
August 10 was a big day for Ava. She was FINALLY 6, the magic number for a slumber party. She started planning months ago! In May I finally had to tell her she was not allowed to talk about her party till July. Whew! When July came I gave her the option of a slumber party with three friends or a big pool party with lots of friends. She chose the slumber party. She wanted friends to bring bikes, swimsuits and babies, so they did. We made sleeping bags for their babies as a party favor and had lots of fun swimming in the dark at Grandpa and Grandma's house. The bonus was Nana and Papa were here so I didn't have to think about the cake. Yeah!
All in all, she enjoyed her first slumber party and was thoroughly worn out afterward!

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Wenni Donna said...

What an adorable birthday bash this girl had. Kids always love such parties with their friend. Even out girl had a blasting time in the last week. It was her 7th birthday that we threw at the garden event space San Francisco with Disney theme. Their funky photo booth was all DIY by my cousin.