Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday's Events at Hume

Monday was a low key day. We spent a relaxing morning reading outside while the girls played. Around 11:00 am I took the girls on a 2 hour bike ride throughout the west side of Hume, mostly through the Junior High Camp, Meadow Ranch. We had a great time.

We caught the girls taking a break from playing “house” (their favorite game). I think they were watching some squirrels chase each other.

We found the waste water ponds for Hume (there are 8 total). When we came to this first pond Naomi said “Daddy, look…it is sooo beautiful. Can we swim in it?” I explained that this is where the water from the toilet goes. She said “eewwh,” but still thought it was pretty and wanted to at least fish it.

My view of the girls…

And their view of me. I like my view better.

This would be a pretty good tree house, or at least the beginnings of one. My guess is that it is at least 40 feet high. It is a zip line launch that goes across the “blob pond.” I think the zip line itself is at least 1,500 feet long. It is gianormous.

We stopped at this swing set. This is a swing set from the good old days, when they were allowed, and allowed to be big! Many underdogs were had on this swing set.

Taking a little break at Meadow Ranch.

We found this skate board park. It was pretty cool. We did several laps around taking several of the ramps and trying to get some air. The girls loved it. They were screaming the whole time, “Do it again!”

The girls found this singing bass and have about wore the batteries out. It sings the “Don’t worry be happy” song and another one “Take me to the River.” Unfortunately, Patricia and I can’t get these songs out of our heads. We got some great video of this and will have to post it when we get back. It’s hilarious. Grandma Ardis, we’ll make sure this doesn’t get broke and makes it back “to the river” from whence it came. J

We ended the day with family devotions around the campfire. Quite a challenge with all the distractions around, but it was good none the less.

Luke’s having a great time singing with the rest of the family.

We ended the day roasting marshmallows around the campfire and telling a bear story.

Great times were had by all.


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