Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ahh, Hume Lake

Well, another wonderful day at the cabin. Yesterday we got skunked on our fishing trip, so today we thought we would start out earlier and see if we could catch a fish before they (the fish) took naps in the afternoon. There is a neat little trail behind the cabin which goes to a small clearing next to a big willow (tree?) bush next to the pond. Patricia packed Naomi, Ava, and I a picnic lunch and we headed off with our mini night crawlers in hand. After about a half hour, we decided to leave our bobbers and hooks in the water with fresh worms, and then eat our lunch. Peanut butter and jelly. Mmmm. After a few bites, we noticed that Naomi’s bobber was going under the water. I must admit, that in all the excitement, I ended up reeling in the fish myself. After seeing that it was securely on the hook, I threw it back in and then let Naomi real it in. Let it be known that you can fish and catch trout with a pink Barbie fishing pole. Attached is a cute picture of Naomi and her fish. She was quite jazzed about it and we put the fish in a little cooler with water in it. Naomi said that we should keep on feeding it so that it would grow big so we could eat it. Attached is also a picture of Ava contemplating eating the worms, and a picture of Luke settling for eating a stick, since he could not get his hands on the worms.

Late this evening just before dark, Naomi and I went down to the pond to check on her fish. She was still so excited about her catch. We opened the cooler and I saw that the fish was at the bottom, upside down. Not good. I wasn’t sure how Naomi would respond. I told her the fish didn’t make it. She wanted to touch it to make sure, but I told her that when fishies swim like that, their dead for sure. She looked at me with concern and said “We have to eat it.” It was a small fish, maybe 6 inches long. Not much of a meal, but if you’re going to catch and keep, you better eat. I told her we sure would - maybe for lunch the next day. As I said those words, I wondered how we would find any meat among all the bones. Well, we’d give it a try at least.

Before it got too dark, Naomi and I decided to wet our lines a few more times to see if we could add to our bounty. And after about 15 minutes I decided we had been mosquito food long enough. “Okay. This is the last cast.” I cast Naomi’s worm just under the willow tree and gave her the pole. After a few more minutes I told Naomi to reel it in, it was time for us to go inside. As she reeled it in, she stopped and said “Oh, what was that.” I looked just in time to see her bobber go under the water and I yelled “Pull up.” She pulled up and started reeling it in. She kept on saying “Wow, this is a big one” as her drag started making noise. I thought wow, it is a big one. “Keep reeling it in” I kept telling her. She landed it all by herself. A 10 inch rainbow trout. We put it into the cooler and she ran back to the cabin so excited to tell her mommy all about it. Big smiles from daddy. There is a lot of joy in being a parent and seeing and experiencing the wonder of it all with your child.

Although she still thinks worm guts are “icky”, she’s turning out to be quite the fisherman. Daddy cleaned the fish (outside far from the cabin at my wife’s request), and put them into the fridge. Perhaps we’ll eat them tomorrow for lunch.

A good day.


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