Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday's Events at Hume

We had a great day today. Patricia and I did some reading again in the morning and then I took the girls fishing down at the lake. Patricia and Luke joined us later in the day.

Sweet sisters, ready for some fishin.

Luke just after a bottle. A little messy, but still cute!

Naomi’s first catch of the day. A little blue gill or croppy (sp?). She caught a total of 13 fish all by herself, casting and reeling them in. A few of them were small mouth bass. We through them all back. Oh yeah, when we first got there I had put worms on the hooks, but the girls were so interested in all the ducks that were begging for food, we set the fishing poles aside and just played with the ducks. While we weren’t paying attention, one of the ducks tried to eat the worm off Naomi’s hook. All the sudden we see this duck headed out into the lake dragging Naomi’s pole. She started crying hysterically, afraid she was going to lose another fishing pole. I was able to get into the lake and retrieve the pole and the duck. I didn’t really know that duck’s had a tongue. The tongue was as big as Ava’s tongue. Anyway, the hook had gone right through this duck’s tongue. The duck was very cooperative and I had her back in the water in no time.

Naomi is surprisingly good at casting! Ava’s not bad either.

This was Ava’s first fish ever. She landed this one all by herself. She made the cast, hooked it, and reeled it home! Another thing that was funny about this fishing trip was the fact that some boy’s next to us had been fishing all morning and had not caught a thing. Finally their family asked us what we were using for bait. We told them worms. The boys immediately took off for the store to get some. They returned and still could not catch anything. Their family was cracking up the whole time as Naomi kept reeling in fish with her pink Barbie fishing pole. Finally the father couldn’t take it anymore, so he grabbed a pole and fished for about a half hour to no avail and then gave up. We all had a great laugh.

The girls finally got tired of fishing and decided to swim.

Mama and Luke got hungry and took off to the snack shack and returned with a chocolate shake and some French fries.

That chocolate shake was good!!!

The ride home. We have about 50 pictures similar to this. Good thing it’s digital.

The end of another day at Hume. Bath time then bed time.

Of course both the girls wanted another bedtime story about a bear. I didn’t want Ava to have a hard time going to sleep, so I decided to tell them a “kitty” story instead (thank you Chippers & Cocoa!). I think it worked. They fell asleep in about 5 minutes. Fishing is hard work!

We sure enjoy getting to share our vacation this way with you. We really wish you were all here!


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