Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday at Hume

We’ve got into a routine now. Reading, relaxing in the mornings and then an activity during the afternoon. We went to the lake again today, with a little fishing and swimming planned. We (the girls) ended up just swimming.

These two boys, Alex and Julius, kept the girls entertained most of the afternoon, letting them go out on their giant floatie.

We finally caught Luke standing up all by himself.

Apparently, Ava likes to mark her face with hand prints. We had just sent the girls outside for our campfire time, (all nice and clean by the way) and within 30 seconds, we find this. Later that evening the truth came out, when Naomi was pouring dirt all over Ava’s lap. I told Naomi to stop because she was getting her sister all dirty. Ava replied “I like being dirty.” And does she ever.

A family photo from around the campfire. Ava’s got her much prized pot of dirt (pancakes if you as her) and Luke is wondering what happened to the bottle he just had.

Tomorrow Patricia’s sister Susan is coming up for half a day. The other half we’ll be starting to clean up and get ready to leave Friday morning. Ahhh…cant’ believe we only have one day left! It’s always that way, isn’t it?

Enjoying God’s creation and provision,


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