Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday's Events at Hume

On Sunday, most of Cody’s family came up along with one of Aunt Lois’s daughters. We had a great time with Uncle David, Breann, Janel, Cody, and Holly. Two main events for the day were: 1. A ride in Uncle David’s pickup truck where he drove Loco style throughout Hume, swerving back and forth making the kid’s roll around in the pickup bed. They had so much fun. It was like being on a roller coaster, each time we went into a turn, everyone would scream. It was quite entertaining for us as well as them. 2. We went on a hike all the way to Boy Scout Dam, which used to be the domestic water supply for Hume Lake.

Soon after our start to Boy Scout Dam, I caught another skink. However, it turns out it was the same one I caught and we had released a few days before. Holly really liked the skink.

The girls managed to talk their cousins into carrying them most of the way there and back.

Here we are at Boy Scout Dam.

We found what appeared to be deer bones. “Ava, No. Don’t touch the bones!” A bear must have got the deer. By the way, Ava and Naomi have been very intrigued by “bear stories” which we started to tell around the campfire on Saturday night. They ask for a new story each night. Ava is loves to hear the stories, but is also frightened by them as well. They really are not scary, but she still gets a little nervous. Now she manages to weave bears into almost every conversation we have. It’s really funny. We had a bear get into the trash the other night by the way - left a big deposit, if you know what I mean.

Here’s a picture Cody took of all the girl cousins on our way back to the cabin.

We also went to the Fort Logan, which is located in the middle of the pond next to the cabin. It is a three story fort with a jail and a floating bridge is the only access other than by boat. The kids all enjoyed it. Cody and Holly went for a boat ride and Cody fell in the pond as they were trying to disembark. Luckily he had some dry clothes for the ride home. After all the company left, we wrapped things up a little early. The kids were worn out. I think they were bathed and in bed by 7:00pm.

Enjoying the adventure,

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